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1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
2. all of me

08 May 2011

Alfred Juilus: New Blog, New Design.

What I’ve been up too...

This will be close to my last post as Chike Atu of CAMjA Inc. I have embarked on a new stage in my life that has lead me to do some thing new and exciting that hopefully will be an amazing success.... I wanted to post some pics of the star clientele that I have accumulated since starting this blog. The “Journal" will be under a new name and format starting this week (more on that later), but I think it will be something that is welcome in my community of designers and leaders.... now the pics...

 Tariq Trotter (Black Thought) of The Roots 

Dante’ Smith (Mos), Rapper/Actor/Musician

 John Stevens (Legend) ,Singer/Writer/Musician/Philanthropist 

 D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Athlete/Philanthropist 

Ezra Knight , Actor

31 October 2010

CAMjA Rhetoric Collection (MOCKING)

The First Installment in the Rhetoric Collection:  The “Mocking” Tee is available in Heather Grey. The text “Mockery is the greatest form of flattery” is High Density raised print with the Mocking Bird in a soft print. The two techniques used together give a great contrast and depth to the classic style t-shirt. The t-shirt are a slim fitting 90% cotton/10% poly for a great euro fit.
Raised Text 


CAMjA Established Reflective

The CAMjA Established Reflective is a 3M reflective print on a heather grey tee. Against light gives a great reflection. The t-shirts are a slim fitting 90% cotton / 10% poly for a great euro fit.




Been a Long, Long time coming back...

... But Lord I’m back at it again!! Due to various reasons I was hampered from focusing on my blog. Please don’t confuse that with not focusing on my career as a Menswear Designer/Stylist. In fact things have taken an incredible turn for the positive in the last 3 months. True blessings, but also taking advantage of those blessings. I will give more details on that later. Just be informed, things are on the up and up. I have officially launched my CAMjA Clth. Rhetoric T-Shirt Collection. You will be able to purchase directly through my blog. I will shortly be back at it bringing you my ideas, inspirations, idols, and muses from around the world of creativity. Feels good to be back and moving forward. Thank you again for your support, guidance, and constructive critiques.

Chike Atu

CAMjA Founder

22 March 2010

Fashion, for Men: MySuit NY

   For the last 3 months I started a new career as a Tailor / Style Consultant for a GREAT company in Manhattan, Korea based, Mexican factory... MySuit NY (cambridge members). This is a very supportive company of any ideas and also very accepting in new employees. Here is a sample of the pieces I have assisted in creating since being there.

**Disregard the try on shoes... yes they are wack.**

His try on shoes are dope though...

And the journey contiues... 

15 March 2010

Life, Soundtrack of Mine

It was the summer of 2007, he was/is my favorite recording artist of my generation. 
Then I heard this song. It took me to another place. People get moved by different things 
all the time in life. May it be music, fashion, art, or individuals. This song did it for me. 
Its his conviction in this song that sent motivation airwaves to me to do better and expect better
out of my life. I too, am a Champion. I just needed to take responsibility for the end results. 
Kanye is my favorite artist, but I feel this song is one of his true gems of work... 
plus he introduced me to Steely Dan, through the sample. Yeah I know, I should’ve 
already been on them.

“... everybody want it, but it ain’t that serious” ~ Kanye Omari West

08 March 2010

Fashion, for Men: Tom Ford

Editors Note: I haven’t posted in a while, because truly my life has been a whirlwind. Basically haven’t been moved to Force myself to blog shit... TODAY. I went to the Tom Ford store. It’s well known, he is my favorite design company at the current moment. He embodies that, It, factor. That thing, when I see exceptionally well dressed men, that also respects the use of color. Tom Ford S/S 10 is Exceptional in my eyes. Perfection.

21 February 2010

Eye, Seen: Mr. Hanley

   This is the first installment of a new segment that I’m adding to my blog. It’s a take from one of my major influences, Scott Schuman, with shots of people that have an honest sense of style and love for presentation. He does an amazing job, and I want to provide my take and my eye on a similar concept.

    Mr. Hanley: I met Mr. Hanley, while he was purchasing his sons first made-to-measure blazer. His joy was obvious! Mr. Hanley is a man of Style. He quite simply has a great understanding of color, fabrics,quality and has his own quirks that are great. The fact he pulled out a “Pocket Knife” comb before the shot, justified the shot completely. Enjoy.

“ sure you want to shoot me today? I can dress nice when I come to pick up his blazer.” ~ Mr. Hanley

16 February 2010

Born, A Star: Fausto (Lavie Clothing)

    I met this young Designer/CEO Fausto, around 18 months ago, through a mutual associate. I was instantly impressed by his ability to “Do”. Many of us, including myself, want to many things that we say we love, yet never do. Fasco, is someone who has done. Starting his own clothing company with only independent partnerships, he has build a strong following in the High-End Street wear scene with his company “LaVie”. LaVie can be found at numerous boutiques around New York, as well other locations. The lifestyle his company presents, its hard not to become intrigued by. His hard work and determination to get what he wants out of life, done. Gives another example, that a Star is born.

  1. Where do you derive from?
        The Concrete Jungle, by way of The Dominican Republic!

    2.How did you get involved in the fashion industry? 
        I always loved fashion, so I just made it my business to get into that busines.
    3.Tell us a little about your fashion company. 
       We are a unique brand, unique in the sense of trying to mix "street wear" with "high end" at a great price! we are selling swagg!
    4. What has been your inspiration? 
        LIFE,  hence the name of the brand LIVE LAVIE 
    5. Who do you consider to have great style? 
        Anyone that takes its time in the morning to get dress!

    6. What is a fashion “No” to you? 
        Everything is fashion, because fashion is self expression. There are things that someone else can pull off, that i might not be able to or vice versa. That’s the great part of fashion, anything is possible.
    7. Who is your ideal customer? 
         Simply, a person who appreciates fashion, period.

    8. What is the ideal future of your company? 
        To have our own concept, LaVie store and sell everything from bed sheets to board games.

     9. Greatest fashion memory as a child? 
       Watching my big bro get dress, I used him as motivation to have this swag!

    10. Whats the best piece in your closet? 
       I have too many, to be honest with you but the fact I can wear my own brand, LaVie, is the best thing in the world. Especially, I want to wear LaVie, I know others will follow suit

      11. Any words of advice for people of dreams being in the fashion industry? 
        Don’t stop no matter what they say, keep grinding till you reach your ultimate goal! 

Fashion, for Men: Tom Ford

    At this point, Tom Ford, has moved beyond the fashion word into a more dominant “Entertainment” world one might say. For the last 4 years, He has been one of my top designers in Menswear. I try not to act like I know much about Womens wear, because I don’t. I do know and love Menswear and Tom Ford represents the Luxury I love in fashion for men today. 
    Despite being HIGHLY successful, he doesn’t do many interviews to tell you how great he is. When I came across this video interview, I thought it was only right to present it to the world of CAMjA. Enjoy. Understand.

03 February 2010

Now, a public service announcement from Emeka Obi...

“.... Lets turn positive energy into paychecks this year.” ~ Emeka Obi   

Editor’s Note: If you don’t know who this man is, get in the know. This was and excerpt from a short message exchange I recently had. Probably the realist statement, I’ve heard in a long time.