chi-ke-a-tu |’chekay-ahto|
1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
2. all of me

31 October 2010

Been a Long, Long time coming back...

... But Lord I’m back at it again!! Due to various reasons I was hampered from focusing on my blog. Please don’t confuse that with not focusing on my career as a Menswear Designer/Stylist. In fact things have taken an incredible turn for the positive in the last 3 months. True blessings, but also taking advantage of those blessings. I will give more details on that later. Just be informed, things are on the up and up. I have officially launched my CAMjA Clth. Rhetoric T-Shirt Collection. You will be able to purchase directly through my blog. I will shortly be back at it bringing you my ideas, inspirations, idols, and muses from around the world of creativity. Feels good to be back and moving forward. Thank you again for your support, guidance, and constructive critiques.

Chike Atu

CAMjA Founder

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