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2. all of me

22 March 2010

Fashion, for Men: MySuit NY

   For the last 3 months I started a new career as a Tailor / Style Consultant for a GREAT company in Manhattan, Korea based, Mexican factory... MySuit NY (cambridge members). This is a very supportive company of any ideas and also very accepting in new employees. Here is a sample of the pieces I have assisted in creating since being there.

**Disregard the try on shoes... yes they are wack.**

His try on shoes are dope though...

And the journey contiues... 


Déborah said...

very nice! :)
I liked the guy with the red shoes, and the one before him with the purple tie - his suit looks amazing.

how do you know what the length of the jacket should be? is there a rule for that?

Chike Atu said...

The process I got through for my fitting is to split the body in half from bottom of neck to floor. From there work with the client on what they desire for the length... Thats garnered the best results for me.