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1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
2. all of me

05 January 2010

Fashion, for Men


Bespoke is a British English term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer's specification.

   For me Bespoke / Made to Measure means so much more to me. It is truly a representation of growth, style, and pure intelligence of the man. It is a conscience decision made by the consumer when he decides he wants to declare himself on another plateau in his professional or lifestyle career. The details that go into constructing a garment made simply for that individual to his/her complete liking. The fittings, the stitch details, all the way down to the functional sleeve buttons on the blazer. All these things set one apart from the norm, off the rack attire of the common man. Man times this can be a VERY expensive gift to ones self, but in many financially stable eyes, it is a well worth the time and money. The possibilities are simply endless and fruitful when designing a suit made simply for you. It can simply be, a life changing experience to finally have a suit that fits you in every corner and curve of the make up of ones body. I haven’t had the splendid opportunity to live out this dream, but I recently had the opportunity to begin the process of getting my first Made To Measure suit and the anticipation is killing me!

“Having suits custom-made sends a message about confidence and success that is invaluable during uncertain economic periods.” - Unknown Tailor

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