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08 January 2010

Born, A Star: Duncan Quinn

     I was introduced to this company around 2 years, 6 months ago. A good friend of me suggested I go check out this Bespoke company in soho she stumbled upon one afternoon. “This shit looks like something you would do with suiting...”, so I was intrigued to see what my ideas/designs could possibly come to look like it, if brought to fruition. The store being proposed was Duncan Quinn, which quite frankly feel in love with the style and quality of the company. Through some inquiry I have actually been able to meet with the founder of the company, Duncan Quinn, on numerous occasions in the past. I continue to be impressed by this brand and the owner whole is always winning to assist an aspiring designer. I had the pleasure to do a 11 Q & A with Mr. Duncan Quinn, that left me on google to find out more about some of his references and idols. Enjoy.

1.  Where do you derive from?
Tradition, nature, physiology, psychology and whim.
2.  How did you get involved in the fashion industry?
I had a bad habit of buying way too many tailored suits, shirts and ties.  When I moved to NY there was nowhere to buy well constructed fun pieces.  They were either fun, or well constructed, but not both.
3.  Tell us a little about your fashion company.
We make unique short run pieces for characters.  Probably best known for our bespoke suits but we also make shirts, ties, cufflinks, umbrellas, socks, pocket squares, tee shirts, croquet shirts, fine cocktails, great dinner parties, fun car rallys, crazy yachtracing weeks and all kinds of other shenanigans.  All are crafted using artisanal methods and only the best materials.
4.  What has been your inspiration?
Mainly having the luxury of doing something I love that isn't work for me to do.  Fortunately I've found some supporters in those who purchase the products we make and so I can reflect upon the influences that lead to the aesthetic I enjoy - a lot of 1960's mixed with punk, mixed with two fingers to convention...a time when men were men, drove fast cars, had three martini lunches and didn't give a damn.
5.  Who do you consider to have great style?
Sir Michael Caine.
6.  What is a fashion “No” to you?
The Pee Wee Herman suit.
7.  Who is your ideal customer?
One who communicates very clearly what he wants to achieve.
8.  What is the ideal future of your company?
To continue to grow, provide a platform for a viewpoint that isn't all about making things as cheaply as possible using inexpensive labor and cheap materials, and allow me the luxury of providing jobs to people who are passionate about the way people dress and what that means.
9.  Greatest fashion memory as a child?
Sir Hardy Amies.
10. Whats the best piece in your closet?
13oz black chalkstripe with blood red lining.  One button, notch lapel.  Timeless.
11. Any words of advice for people of dreams being in the fashion industry?
 Its the same as any other industry.  Do it because you love it and give it your all.  If you don't and you can't someone else will.

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