chi-ke-a-tu |’chekay-ahto|
1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
2. all of me

05 January 2010

Fashion, for Men

      Style is natural, never forced or even sometimes obvious to the common eye. Style in simple context is that, “... damn that looks dope” aspect to the presentation that each individual presents to the viewer. Andre Benjamin is someone that has THAT. I am an individual with southern heritage and even stronger roots. So I get it. I get his natural style, that may seem exaggerated to the outside individual. Being a lover of color, I get the mix of colors that still for some beautiful reason still work beautifully and even together. Begin a designer, I get the movement of the lines in his custom pieces. The high waist don’t scare me, the straw hats intrigue me, and the fit makes me jealous. Andre’ Benjamin, I get you.

"My soliloquy may be hard for some to swallow, but so is cod liver oil” ~ Andre’ Benjamin

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