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03 February 2010

Fashion, for Men: Gucci

     For the first installment of my review of Men’s Fashion Week in Milan and Paris, I’m presenting the obvious name in the game. Gucci. One name sentences is okay when they are mentioned. They continue to impress me with the reinvention of the line and how they present the company. My design eye also respects their appreciation to deal, also one of my loves. Its the small things that blow me away. If they did “GG” prints on everything, I wouldn’t even be mentioning them in this segment. Period. Instead, they continue to please with beautiful cut lines and quality assortment of pigments for one to gander.
The highlight of the show for me with Gucci is the snap (also in button-tabs) bottom cuffs on the slacks, small and subtle but EXACTLY what I respect about quality designers. Its the little things that can reinvent a simple male trouser and they were successful at doing this. I’ve also included some of my favorite looks from their FA ’10 collection. Thank you Gucci, for being who you are suppose to be. Again.

This kinds fucked everybody else up for Fashion Week.

No thats not the light, the crocodile motorcycle jacket actually had gradation.

They were kind enough to give us the look in a Button-Tab as well. Gucci is so thoughtful.

Flavor of the Month: Plum Rasberry

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