chi-ke-a-tu |’chekay-ahto|
1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
2. all of me

28 January 2010

Seacrest Out, Eletric

   Please respect and understand my lack of post for the past 18 days. I have a true valid reason. I DIDN’T/DONT’T electricity!  I have been royally screwed by my building manager and haven’t had lights for the last 18 days. The things we do to live in the great borough of Brooklyn. I am back  now though, staying at my Big Bro Mu crib for the time being. While my Building Manager gets her shit together! Thank the Almighty for loving family. 

In the meantime, I know I have a lot of updating to do, and i surely will. New (actually old) tunes, Men’s Fashion Week, Clothing Designs, and everyday inspiration. So strap in, for blog overdrive.

Be Blessed

Chike Atu

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