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28 January 2010

Fashion, for Men: Kanye West

  Anyone that knows me, as far as celebrities go, Kanye West is my Idol. It’s more than the “documenative” music that he makes, that I have been following since my senior year of high school. It’s his creative spirit that he has the ability to let shine. I also love his fashion sense and also willingness to play characters when he is out in public. If you believe he takes himself serious all the time, you clearly don’t see his vision. I do. He does what the average guy, or the Kanye before the MegaStardom couldn’t do  with his fashions. Last season hit the fashion world with a storm of outfits at the Fall shows that made every fashion editor take notice of what he visually had to say. Also was the premiere of his Louis Vuitton collaboration trainer. Which also led to the infamous “Patnas and Dem” picture that has more patterns and colors than any inspiration board in your local design room.

    This year he took it to another level. A basic, either you love it or you hate it, statement towards mens current fashion. Almost doing a retrospect in Black Men’s Fashion in America. Wearing everything from tall t-shirts to studded Christian Louboutin slippers. Also with an added Beautiful accessory named Amber Rose (see: Body of a Goddess), he made a statement that will garner some kind of reaction from all that followed the “What the hell is he gonna wear next?” mantra of the week. I loved what he did, represented himself, brought the Southside to Beverly Hills then to Paris. He is becoming a performance artist of sorts, and I love that.

 “... Can I talk my shit again? Even if I don’t hit again. Dog are you fucking kidding? My Hat, my shoes, my coat, Louis Vuitton stitch, with Donatello Versace, That’s Louis Vuitton bitch...” ~ Kanye West

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