chi-ke-a-tu |’chekay-ahto|
1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
2. all of me

27 December 2009

Fashion, for Men

It is not about elitism, or anti-elitism. We don’t abide by the rules. ~ Rei Kawakubo

Sidenote: I have a history of studying surface design while I attended Memphis College of Art. This Holiday Collection by Comme des Garcon, puts me back in the studio dying fabrics and over dying them again to see what happens. I truly appreciate when designers allow the natural to happen and let it become something organically beautiful. The stark contrast, but still the knit/ woven pattern slippin through is very nicely done, and might be done to some of my old plaids to give them new life! 

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